Guests’ insights: Listen to your customers and win new ones

November 10, 2019

Alexander Zaugg, Founder


he review star rating shows businesses immediately whether guests were happy with their experience. But it is not always clear why guests gave a high or a low rating. Get to know your guests better with the new review content analysis by re:spondelligent and benefit from the valuable guests’ insights. This will help you win new guests and get (even) better reviews.


Understanding guests is the key to more revenue

Studies show that with their reviews most guests want to help their fellow guests and businesses. On the one hand, they want to help future guests make better decisions; on the other hand, they want to show hosts what they liked or what should be improved in their opinion. That’s why it’s so important for every host to understand what is written about their business and how to see the difference between patterns and “outliers”.

Example of “Restaurant” category evaluation

re:spondelligent’s new content analysis is based on a constantly learning algorithm that categorizes and classifies the content, so the language, of the reviews. Specific vocabulary for hotels, restaurants, and campsites is included and assigned to specific categories.

Thus, depending on the business type (hotel, restaurant, camping) up to 6 main categories are distinguished, which contain up to 45 subcategories for deeper analysis. These values are then converted back into a comparable 5-point scale so that you have a simple overview for each relevant category.

Example of the text analysis of “Food” category

Benefits for your team and business 

By comparing over a long period of time the separate categories and hot topics (the main topics are updated weekly), you can gain valuable insights into your guests’ experiences and expectations. In particular, these are major benefits for your team and business:


  • Management tool: Discuss with the team what is going well and what could be done better. You can also set goals for each category and define incentives for different teams (for example, kitchen and service).
  • Improve guest satisfaction: Learn from your guests and make sure to avoid mistakes in the future.
  • Better content: Check if your (online) content is consistent with the positive mentions of your guests. You can use this content to improve the SEO of your homepage. Besides, the negative mentions can be included in the FAQ on your homepage or Google Business Profile.
  • Better Google Ads: Use your guests’ positive mentions for keyword research on Google and optimize your ads.

Example of the Hot Topics

The data is already there; get useful insights about your business

Online reviews are there anyway; what is often missing is intelligent automation that enables easy analysis and exploitation of the vast potential that it offers.

We have solved this problem for you and applied industry expertise and feedback from our customers to provide the most accurate analysis with industry-specific vocabulary for restaurants, hotels, and campsites.

Whether you are a family-run business with a single location or a large chain, see for yourself and start a free trial today.

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