Response Widget:
How often and fast do you respond to your online reviews?

June 6 2019

Alexander Zaugg, Founder

Easily Measure Your Response Performance

In the fast-moving online world, everything has to happen immediately and be available 24 hours a day. So, it is standard today that guests leave a review of their experience during or directly after visiting your business.

Today, more and more guests expect you to respond to their review. Therefore, it is important for you not only to take guest feedback seriously and respond to it but also do it in a timely manner, ideally within three days.

In our Response Widget, you can easily see how many reviews you respond to and how fast. Sign up for a free trial already today and get these valuable insights.

By the way, with our professional response service we guarantee that the review is responded within 2 working days after it has been posted on the platform.


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About the Author

Alex takes care of our customers as their problem-solver and trouble-shooter. Of course, writing compelling responses is a big part of his work as well and he strives for the best customer experience in every field he works. Therefore he tries always to discover new tactics how to improve our service and the one of our customers.