The Opening Hours Feature

How to add and edit your regular and special opening hours

In this video, we’ll have a look at the feature “Opening Hours”. With its help, you can manage the business hours and holidys of your restaurant on Google My Business and Facebook directly in our app.

An overview of your opening hours

When logged into your re:spondelligent account, find “Location” on the menu panel on your left-hand side and click “Opening Hours”.

Here you can see an overview of your opening hours on Facebook and Google. On the top of the page, you can set and edit the regular opening hours. And on the bottom of the page, you can set the special opening hours on Google My Business that are valid during holidays and special events.

The green check mark means that there is a connection to the platform. You can also see the date of the last update. If there is a conflict, it will be showed in red. By default, the app takes over the opening hours on Google My Business.

If you click on the blue arrow, you force the app to use the business hours from this particular platform.

Regular Opening hours

In the Regular Opening hours section, you can edit (green pencil button) or delete (red basket button) the current business hours day by day.

In order to set new business hours, click on the green plus button. You will see a window where you can set the opening hours of your business per day. If your restaurant closes for the afternoon to open again in the evening, you will need to set, first, the morning hours and save them. Then you can do the same for the evening hours.

Once you click the “Save” button, the business hours will be automatically updated on Facebook and Google.

Special opening hours

Now let us have a look at the Special opening hours function. The big advantage of this function is that special hours on Google My Business can be conveniently set by picking a start and an end date and published for multiple locations at the same time.

First, choose the start and the end date (if it’s one day, choose the same date). If your restaurant is closed during this period, mark the checkbox as checked. If you would like to set a different schedule, leave the checkbox unchecked and choose the opening hours. In the end, you can apply the special hours for multiple locations. Click “Save” so that the new special hours are applied to all the chosen locations on Google My Business.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.