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What information is needed to set-up an account?

We only need your contact details and the links to your business from different platforms

Before you start working with us, you need to make sure, you have opened, and respectively claimed, your business on the platform of your choice. That’s how you make sure, you can manage your business there and use our responses.

We put some links together for you of the most relevant review platforms, where you can open/claim your business. If you need help anywhere let us know and we will help where we can.

What is a platform?

A platform is a source where reviews are written about your business (e.g. Tripadvisor or Yelp)

From which platforms can you collect reviews?

We work with all big players such as Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook and Yelp. If you need any others that’s not a problem, just let us know which ones and we will set it up for you.

How many locations can you add?

This depends on your price plan. In the demo-account you can add up to 5 different locations. If you need more, please contact us.

How can you get the details of my business without logging in to them?

We collect public data from the platforms and prepare them for you in an easy-to-use and read form. We’ll never ask you for any login information.

Why do you need screening questions, e.g. “In what way would I like to have my online reviews responded to?”, and can I change these settings later?

Although we check every customer personally (e.g. the style of your homepage, your target audience, your competitors, etc.), we want to be able to write the perfect responses for you. Your answers to a short set of questions help us very much in matching your style. Of course, you can change the settings anytime.

We have more than one person who takes care of our online reviews – can I add new users?

We don’t offer this function in the current version, but if you should need that, please contact us.
Probably, the easiest way at the moment is to share the login of your dashboard.


Who writes the responses for my online reviews?

We are a team of professionals with different backgrounds in (hospitality-) marketing, SEO and languages. We are all very passionate about providing a top-notch customer experience and write for your business, as if we are a part of it! Like that we guarantee to create the best outcome from your responses. You can read all the possible advantages of responses here.

How do we know what to write?

We have experience from reading and answering countless reviews from different industries and markets and want to share this experience with you.

Are all responses really handwritten and individual?

Absolutely – we write responses to humans from humans. First, we read your review carefully and respond to it. Of course, we’ve got a certain style that should match yours and adapt to local market situations, but the responses are always individual for you.

To which reviews do we respond and starting from when?

We respond to all reviews (positive or negative / long or short) from the platforms you choose when you register. If you would like to have older reviews responded to, please contact us.

Why answer positive reviews at all?

We believe it is important for showing your respect to a customer of yours who took the time to appreciate your work and with some tricks, we can even throw in a little marketing for you.

How can you answer tricky reviews with serious accusations?

Our experience shows that we can respond up to 90-95% of all reviews independently. For trickier cases, we’ll get back to you and ask for some details.

I would like to contact the writers of very negative reviews personally?

No problem. We ask in the registration process at which point (number of stars) you’d like to contact the review-writer personally and which contact details we should use.

Do all responses have the same price?

Yes – always! 🙂

How long does it take for us to write your response?

No longer than 3 days after the review was collected. If there should be a delay, due to some open feedback from your side, it can take longer.

How do our responses get to the online review?

For privacy reasons, you will need to copy & paste the response to the review yourself. There is unfortunately no other way, but we believe it is the safest in order to protect your login information.

Can I edit a response?

Sure, you can edit it any time and give us feedback, if you are not content with some parts and we will improve in the future.


Which notifications do I get?

You can choose between daily and weekly updates from us, as well as being sent a monthly summary.

Where can I change the notifications?

You can change the interval in your settings.


How can I pay for my subscription?

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard and Paypal.

Is there a discount if I order an annual subscription?

Yes, we currently offer 20% discount if you decide to go for a full year.

I don’t have sufficient credits to get answer for all reviews this month?

No problem, you can always buy extra credits, which are valid for one year. Just contact us.

About us

What is re:spondelligent?

re:spondelligent is a service, dedicated for hotels and restaurants, which takes care of all your online reviews. We collect them ALL and you can access them in one dashboard. Furthermore we pre-write individual responses for all your new reviews. Learn more about our service here.

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