Top Restaurants in Dubai’s Malls

How good are the restaurants in Dubai?

In “Gastro WebReview 2024” – Dubai Edition, we have analysed over 241’000 online reviews from 945 restaurants across 12 of Dubai’s largest shopping malls. Restaurants and malls were compared based on their re:Scores, online reputation scores that objectively measure online popularity. 

In 2023, the city average was as high as 88.2 points out of 100, indicating a generally high level of satisfaction among guests. Dubai Hills Mall had restaurants with the best online reputations (re:Score of 89.3). At the other end of the spectrum, WAFI Mall had the lowest re:Score of 84.4.

Which restaurants are the best in Dubai malls?

We have compared 945 restaurants in the city’s 12 largest shopping malls to find out what the best restaurant in Dubai is, based on the online reviews written in 2023. Here is our ultimate ranking of the best restaurants in Dubai’s malls. 

The restaurant with the highest online reputation score is located in Dubai Mall. Doors Dubai Mall serving Mediterranean cuisine with Oriental flair and offering splendid views of the Dubai Fountain has deserved its first place. It is followed by FOOD TRENDS at Mercato Mall, a favourite hamburger restaurant for many. 

The top restaurant ranking reflects the mall ranking presented in “Gastro WebReview 2024”. The malls that excelled in guest engagement and received the best reviews also appear on the top with the best restaurants. 

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