«Gastro WebReview 2021»

re:spondelligent has conducted the most comprehensive qualitative study of gastronomy for Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. A total of 800’000 online reviews from 6’400 restaurants in 48 cities were analyzed.

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10 Facts You Need to Know about Online Reviews

Online customer reviews have become a part of our everyday life and they can influence your business. In this infographic, we have collected some must-know facts about online customer reviews. As a bonus, you get some tips on how to achieve top SEO by managing your reviews.

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Online Hotel Reputation Management

In this infographic online hotel reputation management is viewed through 5 stages of travel identified by Google. Learn how to take care of your hotel reputation using online reviews, SEO and social media.

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10 Reasons to Respond to Online Reviews

In this infographic, we show you the 10 biggest benefits of responding to online reviews – everything at a glance.


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