Gastro WebReview 2021: Key Facts in One Infographic

«Gastro WebReview 2021» is the most comprehensive qualitative study of gastronomy for Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. A total of 800’000 online reviews from 6’400 restaurants in 48 cities were analyzed.

Gastronomy was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic like no other industry. New safety measures were implemented, the focus shifted to local guests, takeaway and delivery offers were increasingly in demand. The “Gastro WebReview 2021” shows how these changes were perceived and assessed by guests.

Based on the vast restaurant review data analyzed during the study, we have identified trends in the review behavior of guests and found out where the best restaurants are.

This infographic summarizes the key findings of the study. Are you interested in more? The full study is available in German, choose the country you are interested in:

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Gastro WebReview 2021: Key Facts in One Infographic