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  • Track reviews from 100+ sites
  • All reviews in one dashboard
  • Multiple filtering options
  • Integrated translation
  • Respond directly from our app
  • Flagging of illicit reviews
  • Difficulty level per review
  • Assign reviews to colleagues
  • re:Score per review
  • Notifications and a management summary sent to your inbox
  • Excel export of reviews


  • Customizable landing pages to share with your customers at scale
  • Smart funnel to prevent negative reviews
  • Guide happy customers to the review sites that matter most
  • Mini-surveys to ask specifics


  • 6 review widget designs (fully responsive)
  • Code for rich snippets
  • Trusted social proof label
  • Easy to install and zero maintenance



  • Number of reviews and ratings per platform and language
  • Development of positive, neutral, and negative ratings
  • Flexible date selection to show development over time
  • Data export to Excel
  • Charts export as .png & .svg
  • Dedicated re:Score stats
  • Response performance per rating + turnaround time


  • Best industry-specific content analysis
  • NLP powered machine learning algorithms 
  • Performance of >40 categories
  • Flexible date selection
  • Hot topics cloud
  • Word cloud
  • Date performance per month and weekday


  • Compare your own locations
  • Group your locations
  • Select and watch competition
  • Sortable list to create rankings based on different values
  • Flexible date selection
  • re:Score development
  • Category performance
  • Excel export of data
  • 1:1 comparison of all available statistics and analysis


Quality Checker

  • In-app quality control
  • Check of 21 criteria for self written responses
  • Quality score for your self-written responses
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Integrated spelling-/grammar check
  • Multilingual support

Response Assistant AI

  • Customized AI models tailored to your business
  • Individual responses generated for every review
  • Adjustable vocabulary & tone
  • Multilingual support
  • Continuous learning and improvement

Personal Response Assistant

  • Premium responses written by professional authors
  • Dedicated team supporting 8 languages
  • Hyper-individual vocabulary and tone
  • 24h turnaround time, 365 days per year
  • Support for flagging illicit reviews


Opening Hours

  • Update opening hours in real-time
  • Add special opening hours 
  • Bulk changes for multiple locations
  • Warning of inconsistent hours

Google Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization of your website: we make sure that your customers find you with the right keywords
  • Search Engine Marketing: as a certified Google Partner, we boost your performance with the help of paid search
  • Local SEO: Check of the distribution and accuracy of your local listings
  • Local SEO: Content creation for your local listings to ensure they are up-to-date


  • Best in class support
  • In-app, email, phone, and video support
  • 365 days a year
  • Guided on-boarding process

Frequently Asked Questions

Find an answer to the most frequently asked questions below or contact us if you need some help.

How long are your contracts?

You can choose between monthly, annual, and two-year subscriptions including different discounts.

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay via invoice or credit card, depending on your subscription and location.

Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

re:spondelligent is a Swiss-based company and adheres to the relevant VAT billing requirements. In general, VAT will not be applied to invoices for any companies located outside of Switzerland who provide us with their VAT number. Businesses located in Switzerland or those unable to provide a VAT number will also receive invoices with VAT applied. Swiss companies will receive an invoice with VAT applied in all instances, unless not required as per law.

What is included in my trial plan?

Each trial plan comes with unlimited access to all your reviews, unlimited users, and full access to the entire software. There’s no need to enter a credit card to get started and there’s no software to download.