About Us

Switzerland re:spondelligent

Founded in 2017, we take care of our customers from beautiful Switzerland. Our customers are mainly hotels and restaurants, but we support any kind of service business.
Our core business is our proven review management app (SaaS) and the response service (BPaaS) that allows addressing and amplifying a new marketing channel. Furthermore, we offer tools and consulting to improve our customers’ online reputation / local SEO ranking.



Team re:spondelligent Our Team

All relevant departments, from software development to customer support, are in-house. Like that we can secure a constant high level of our service.

Please get back to us if you have any questions regarding online reputation management or review management.




ValuesOur Values

Every digital tool only makes sense if it adds true value to a business. This applies to active review management too.
Therefore, we only offer you products and services, which…

…increase the footfall of new guests
…improve the loyalty of your current customers
…increase the transaction value of a visit


ValuesOur Mission

We truly believe that digitalisation creates massive opportunities for restaurants and hotels – but one needs to know the most effective and efficient way to use them.

With our new way of managing customer reviews smartly, we convey our customers one step further in the digital world and make sure you use the full potential of responses to improve your own business.