Respond to positive and negative feedback like a pro.

Why to respond to online reviews?

Meet expectations

4 of 5 users expect a response within 3 days.
Use your (last) chance to turn bad experiences into outstanding ones.

Build trust

89% of consumers are likely to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews

Up- & cross-sell

Build in a bit of marketing to an individual response and amplify that customer touchpoint

Google ranking

Get better found and a higher conversion on Google – outperform your competitors.

Response Assistant AI

Artificial intelligence writes your responses

We’ve put together our vast experience of review-responding and trained cutting edge AI models to provide you since the beginning of 2022 with an efficient solution.

Our AI writes responses to every review, of course, you can still edit the content, before you publish. You stay in control.

Individual and multilingual

We customize our AI-models with individual attributes and vocabulary of your business.

You get your very own AI-model and an individual response tailored to every review. Make use of today’s possibilities in the most important languages.

Your cheapest “employee”

Save time for you and your team, and benefit from a cost-effective-solution that works 24/7.

The AI doesn’t sleep, on the contrary, it keeps continuously learning and improving itself.

Screenshot re:spondelligent Collect




Personal Response Assistant

Let our team of professionals respond

You define the rules which reviews you want to get responded and let us know more about your business.

Our team of professional writers, provides you then, directly in our easy-to-use software, with a hyper-individual response within 24h.

Get the highest level of individuality, multilingually

We support eight languages and all responses are tailored to your business and address all relevant points of a review, whether it’s praise or critics.

Fast set-up and scalable

As all of our responses are written by hand from scratch, we can start and adapt quickly.

Whether you are a small business or manage 200 locations, our solution is fully scalable, and you only pay when we write.

Save time (and nerves) and improve your online reputation – 365 days a year.

Screenshot Response Widget

Track your response performance

Quality Checker

Tools for self-writers

You decided to do the heavy-lifting and respond to reviews yourself. We got you covered for that case, too.

As described in the COLLECT-section, you can respond to reviews directly from our app and benefit from varied support, including collaboration tools for your team.

Furthermore, you can add our quality checker for you and your team. We know what works and put our experience in a tool, that checks 21 criteria in-app while you write.

High-quality across your organization

The quality checker makes sure, each and every response you and your team write, reflect the content of the review, is structured the right way and, of course, grammatically correct.

It supports multiple languages and gives you suggestions how to correct and improve a response.

With an automatically calculated quality score, you can keep track of your (team’s) performance and make sure, no bad response gets accidentally published.

Response Quality Checker

We Integrate with 100+ Review Sites

Get the online reviews that matter for you and directly respond to them in our app

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