Manage unlimited locations.
Group and compare.
Reflect your processes.

How good is your business?

Multi Location Illustration

“Perfect tool for multi location businesses”

Lars L, Head of Marketing

Review management for many businesses spread across town, the country or the globe, can be cumbersome.

We provide you with the right features and customization settings to make it easy for you and your team.

Unlimited Locations

Whether you manage 2 or 2’000 locations, we got you covered. Access your centralized date from wherever you are.

User Management

Add unlimited users. Decide who can access which locations with which permissions.


Manage your single locations centrally and/or group them to reflect your organization’s structure.


Compare your locations/groups with each other and your competitors. Set goals and benchmarks.


Use our software’s export functionalities to put together the reporting you need, whether for your team on site or in the headquarters.


Assign reviews and tasks directly in our software and make customer satisfaction your team’s priority.

Discover all functionalities for your business