How to manage your business hours and holidays
January 23, 2020
Natalia Zaugg, Founder


etting business hours – and even more so keeping them up-to-date across different platforms and your website – is crucial for your restaurant. Updating the business hours for more than one location or different platforms can take a lot of time. With our new feature “Opening hours“, we offer an easy solution to manage your business hours on Google Business Profile and Facebook directly in the re:spondelligent app.


People are looking for your restaurant online

Nowadays, people looking for information about a restaurant such as address or business hours rely on the internet, especially search engines. So, in Switzerland, for example, Google will be the first source to check the business hours before visiting a restaurant.

Google Business Profile drives not only the local business search results on Google search but also on Google Assistant (voice search) and on maps, therefore, a lot of navigation systems that pull data from Google depend on the correctness of the information in your business listing.

If Google says your business is open, then it’s open. The last thing you want is to disappoint your customers who actually took the time to check your hours, only to find you are closed. Most consumers say they lose trust in a company if their listing information is incorrect. Thus, having incorrect business hours or failing to update your hours for the holidays can result in the loss of customers and therefore revenue.

Although it seems straightforward, unfortunately, many guests must be disappointed every year because the restaurant they wanted to visit is closed, which results in negative online reviews.

Automated solution for managing your restaurant’s business hours

You can now manage the opening hours of your restaurant on Google Business Profile and Facebook directly in the re:spondelligent app. No additional logins needed: you can set and edit the opening hours of your restaurant / restaurants in one place. The changes you make in our app are synchronized with the platforms in real-time. We made it easy to keep your data up-to-date and show conflicts if your business hours are not consistent across the platforms.

Special opening hours on Google Business Profile

During holidays or a special event, your business hours may be different from the regular schedule. Updating special hours manually, especially, if you have a chain of restaurants, can be very tiresome. A mistake may result in the loss of customers or worse, your business listing could become unverified.

At the moment, Google doesn’t provide any option for bulk changes other than a spreadsheet upload. In our app, it’s possible to set special hours on Google Business Profile by picking a start and an end date and publish them for multiple locations at the same time.

Whether you are a family-run business with a single location or a large chain, see for yourself and start a free trial today.

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About the Author
Natalia is a Co-Founder of re:spondelligent. She is passionate about helping businesses manage and respond to their customer reviews and loves sharing her industry and marketing knowledge to help brands succeed.