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re:Score | An objective measure
for guest satisfaction

Monitoring from 50+
reviews sites
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What is re:Score?

re:Score is a global score that measures guest satisfaction objectively.

To calculate the re:Score, our algorithm monitors and collects reviews from over 50 review sources – in all languages. Guest feedback is analysed and evaluated separately for hotels, restaurants, and campsites.

If you trust other guests, trust the re:Score.

Icon Popularity Index
  • Exceptional (90 – 100)
  • Superb (85 – 89.9)
  • Fabulous (80 – 84.9)
  • Very good (75 – 79.9)
  • Good (70 – 74.9)
  • Pleasant (60 – 69.9)
  • Subpar or No Rating (1 – 59.9)

re:Score Scale

Guest satisfaction is measured on a scale from 1 to 100.

The gradations are especially fine-tuned for positively rated hotels, restaurants, and campsites. Even small differences can decide whether a business is rated “Exceptional” or “Superb”.

Influence the re:Score actively by leaving a review on one of the popular platforms.